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My Weightloss Story - Unlocking the secret!

Are the foods you eat stopping you from losing weight? / Are “healthy foods” poisoning you?

By Lisa Schneider,

Many of my students have remarked on my dramatic weight loss over the past 12 months and have asked me what I’m doing to get these great results. So here is my story on getting healthy and unlocking the secrets to finding my ultimate body weight and shape.

I’m a long time sufferer of hayfever since about 14 years old. A typical day for me would be waking up sneezing an average of 20-30 times, with frequent headaches (even migraines), and recurring sinus infections requiring antibiotics at least 4 times per year. I had many sick days off work too. My weight was steadily increasing kilo by kilo each year. My energy levels were getting lower and lower too.

Ten years ago I started Salsa dancing as a form of exercise, as the treadmills at gyms didn’t hold my interest. This was fantastic for increasing my core strength and fitness, and it had a great social aspect too. Finally I had found an exercise which I could stick at. I was feeling better, and craved healthier foods too. Then along came ZUMBA, about 4 years ago. I initially lost about 10 kilos. My cardio fitness improved dramatically and I felt that I was on the right path to getting back to my best body shape and weight.

But even though I was exercising so much and eating healthy foods (plus the occasional donut) the weight gradually crept back on. At one stage I was doing up to 8 Zumba classes per week, but still putting on weight. Something wasn’t right. With the amount of exercise I was doing, I should have been a stick! My energy levels were doing down, down, down. My scales were going up, up, up. One of my fitness instructor friends suggested that I had plateaued and I should increase my workouts. This sounded right, so I got into light weight based exercise too. But I was still not getting the results I was seeking. I felt exhausted most of the time.

Last year, my 40 th birthday was creeping up and my midlife mission was to finally seek a solution/improvement to my hayfever and general health. In the past, I had tried every potion, pill and concoction, and even had surgery on my sinuses about 6 years ago. Sure there were some initial improvements, but my symptoms gradually increased again.

I had been for some allergy testing in my teenage years. I was tested for allergies to grasses, pollens, and animals such as cats and dogs, but only Dust Mite came back as positive. Now in 2012, I believed that scientific testing would have evolved since then and thought it would be great to get tested again. So I Googled “Allergy testing Geelong” and the search results displayed a Naturopath that was based at the same health clinic as my Chiropractor. Brilliant! I trusted that clinic and made an appointment that same day.

My new Life and my new healthy body started from that day!

My Naturopath, Janine Castle, listened to all my health issues and suggested that one of the first places to start would be food allergy/intolerance testing. This was a very simple blood test which reported on your immune systems response to food. She explained I may be allergic to other things in the environment (eg: diesel fumes) but we can control the food that goes into our mouth. Food allergies? Hmmmm! I had only heard of things like peanuts and anaphylaxis, and reactions to foods within 5-30 minutes. My symptoms were first thing each morning, so I had assumed that it was my doona or pillow, or something in my house. Janine explained that Food Intolerances could present themselves much later, even up to 8 hours after consumption.

I sent away my blood samples and waited for the results.

WOW!!!!! The results were dramatic. It was an IgG(immune response) test on 96 food groups. The results charted a scale of 1 (not reactive) through to 6 (extremely reactive). I registered high 5’s and 6’s for Gluten, Wheat/Grains, Dairy, Eggs, Beans, Cane Sugar, and some Nuts.

I was in shock! How could I be “allergic”(intolerant) to all these foods and not know about it, until now? Janine explained, that being Food Intolerant, basically meant that my immune system saw these foods in the same way as bacteria and disease. My body was on a daily attack against my consumption of these foods. My body was also holding on to every calorie it could, in reserve for the war it was battling. My large amount of sneezing was my body trying to get rid of these foods out of my system. This was why I was feeling exhausted and putting on weight too.

Was this the answer I had been seeking all my life? I never thought that eating a handful of almonds (a supposedly healthy snack) was actually like poisoning me. These test results were so extreme, I was determined to try life without these foods and to see what happened.

The first few weeks were challenging. My body was detoxing and my brain hurt reading every label in the supermarket. While there were lots of things I couldn’t eat, there were lots of things that I could (eg: meats, fish, vegies, corn, rice, etc). The many Asian cuisines were to be my new staple. YUM! All my favourite foods! The supermarket shop eventually got easier and easier, and my “cooking from scratch” skills developed too.

The Results:

Well they speak for themselves. My weight immediately started going down, down, down. My energy levels went up, up, up. To date, I’m 20 kilos lighter than my heaviest ever weight (as pictured above). This result is a combination of eating foods which agree with me(my immune system), and my body now responding to regular exercise. My body’s engine is now tuned up and running well, and I’m finally seeing great benefits from my workouts. I am feeling the best I ever had in over 25 years. I even slipped into a formal dress that I wore when I was 25. Wow I never expected that! The general rule is one month recovery for every year suffered – so I’ve still got over a year of improvements to come J - watch out for the new and improved me.

I am off all medication, am healing my body with food, and I don’t sneeze in the mornings anymore!

This was all possible through the knowledge and experience of my naturopath, Janine Castle. My journey with her continues as my health improves each month. After this initial fabulous success, we are now working on fine-tuning and improving my overall health. I’m confident that my health will improve even more under her guidance.

The body is an amazing thing, and I’m still unlocking how mine works and doesn’t work.
Inspired by my results, a few of my students have also visited Janine for testing and they are experiencing their own great results. If you have any questions or want talk to me more about this, please feel free to contact me via email on
I was able to find answers to my health issues. Could this help you with yours?

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